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BOCO Seafood A/S

BOCO Seafood A/S’ administration is situated on the wind-swept east coast of Denmark whereas the production of saltfish products takes place in Palhais, Portugal. In Portugal there is a long and strong tradition for producing saltfish. 

With the ideal position in Portugal Boco Seafood A/S supplies the Southern Europe with high quality products. In Portugal we process line caught MSC Pacific Cod (Gadus Macrocephalus), Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua) and longline Ling (Molva Molva). We also produce several different Migas products, all from Macro, Morhua and Alaska Pollock.

In Portugal we produce according to BOCO Seafood A/S’ Danish specifications, and the production is run by a highly qualified management with a well-trained staff.

Just in time deliveries are a must in the food trade today. BOCO Seafood A/S masters this fully!

Contacts at BOCO Seafood​ A/S:


Poul Petersen​​

E-mail: pp@bocoseafood.dk

Production Manager 

Daniel Almeida

Quality Manager 

Heidi Krarup